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  What is epoxy flooring? Reasons to consider this flooring option 05/30/2020 5:15am (UTC)
What is epoxy flooring? 
Epoxy flooring is the combination of resin and hardeners that are mixed together for
creating a surface that is known for its strength, durability and longevity. This
flooring is the result of chemical reaction that takes place so that you get a
rigid plastic material that is mostly used in high traffic areas. You can use
the epoxy floors for sports facilities, hospitals, industrial environments and commercial
settings because it is very strong and durable as it bonds to the base layers
in a strong manner. 
You will need to clean and porous surface for the epoxy floor coating preparation but
before this you will need to repair and patch all the major chips and cracks in
concrete surface for removing the grease. This will create a protective coating
over the underlying concrete which will be protected from grease, stains and moisture
so that you will not have to clean and maintain the floor very often. It offers
highest level of protection and longevity as compared to the other flooring
options and it will last for many years without peeling or cracking. Apart from
being durable for industrial and commercial use, epoxy floors does not require
any maintenance as it is easy to clean surface that will remain in good
conditions for many years. You will get
a seamless, durable and hard wearing surface that is known to offer high
performance and attractive looking flooring option. 
Epoxy floors are also known for its high gloss shine that is available in different styles
and color so that you can choose the style and decorative pattern according to
your tastes and preferences. It is a durable and attractive flooring solution
that is known to be chemically resistant flooring option and it also helps in
improving safety as it is fire, impact, heat, and slip resistant flooring

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  Epoxy Floors Austin
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