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  What are Epoxy Floors? 05/30/2020 6:42am (UTC)
Choosing the right new floors for a home renovation is often one of the most difficult decisions to make. After all, would tile, hardwood floors or carpets be a better choice, or are epoxy floors the better choice and, if so, why?
What are epoxy floors? -- These are floors that are created with a substance called epoxy. A substance that, once mixed with a hardening substance, is then poured onto a concrete base while still wet, and then allowed to dry.
Once dry, epoxy floors are stain-resistant, durable, do not easily scratch and are also waterproof. They are also an excellent choice for a home with high-trafficked areas.
Are epoxy floors a good choice for a home? -- In most cases, epoxy floors are a superb choice for any home. 
They are fast to lay and quick to dry. They can be laid in any one of thousands of colors, they are hard-wearing, perfect for a home with children or animals, and very affordable.
They can also be laid in bathrooms and kitchens, as epoxy floors are waterproof. That makes them the perfect floor surface for any room that could possibly have a water leak.
Who can lay epoxy floors in your home? -- There are a number of excellent epoxy floor companies around the country that can lay floors in your home.
Just be sure to check a company's reputation before hiring them, and also ask to see photos of some of their past work in homes that are similar in size and style to yours. 
That way you can see if their floors are up to the caliber you want to have in your home.
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  Epoxy Floors Austin
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