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  What is Epoxy Flooring? 08/08/2020 5:07pm (UTC)

What is epoxy flooring and where can you have it laid?

Once upon a time, it used to be that epoxy flooring was only ever found in industrial spaces and in garages attached to homes. Nowadays, however, epoxy flooring is showing up everywhere.


What is epoxy flooring, and where can you have it laid? Read on to find out.


What is epoxy flooring? -- The type of floor material known as epoxy is a resin and a hardening substance that are mixed together. When laid on a floor and left to dry, the substance becomes incredibly hard, shiny and durable.


Where can epoxy flooring be laid? -- In the 21st century, an epoxy floor can be laid anywhere you would like a durable, scratch-resistant floor surface.


This is why so many people are now having epoxy flooring laid in office spaces, shops, restaurants and supermarkets and, of course, in every room in their home.


Where can you lay epoxy flooring in your home? -- Many homeowners love this type of flooring in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms as it is completely waterproof.


It is also durable, so fabulous for households with children and animals. It comes in a shiny finish or a matte finish, so perfect for any taste. Most of all, it can be mixed with any colored stain, giving you an epoxy floor in the precise color that matches your drapes, wallpaper or carpets.


How long does epoxy take to install? -- Another big reason people like to use epoxy is due to its fast installation.


While tile and wood floors can takes a week or more to finish, an epoxy flooring can usually be laid in just a few hours. It is then just a case of leaving the substance to harden properly before you walk on it, which typically takes only 24 hours. To know more tips and ideas contact epoxy floors austin.

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